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Allocasuarina littoralis "Black Sheoak" - 140mm pot
  • Allocasuarina littoralis "Black Sheoak" - 140mm pot

    Allocasuarina littoralis "Black Sheoak"

    Planted in a 140mm pot


    Add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your landscape with the captivating Allocasuarina littoralis, also known as the Black Sheoak! Native to Australia, this unique evergreen tree is sure to leave a lasting impression in your garden. 🖤✨

    🌟 Key Features:

    • Dramatic Foliage: Admire the feathery, dark green foliage of the Black Sheoak, which creates a striking contrast against its rough, dark-brown bark, adding depth and intrigue to your garden.
    • Texture and Form: With its slender, upright branches and weeping habit, Allocasuarina littoralis brings a sense of elegance and movement to any landscape, creating a captivating focal point.
    • Drought Tolerance: Thriving in dry, coastal conditions, this resilient beauty is perfect for water-wise gardens, requiring minimal maintenance while still providing maximum impact.
    • Wildlife Attraction: The Black Sheoak is a haven for native wildlife, attracting birds and small mammals with its abundant foliage and seeds, adding life and vitality to your garden ecosystem.
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