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Allocasuarina verticillata "Drooping Sheoak" - 140mm pot
  • Allocasuarina verticillata "Drooping Sheoak" - 140mm pot

    Allocasuarina verticillata "Drooping Sheoak"

    Planted in a 140mm pot 


    Introducing a symbol of grace and tranquility for your garden – Allocasuarina Verticillata, also known as the "Drooping Sheoak"!


    🌟 Key Features:

    • Graceful Drooping Branches: Admire the delicate, pendulous branches of the Drooping Sheoak, creating a mesmerizing cascade of foliage that adds a touch of softness and movement to your garden.
    • Textural Contrast: With its fine, needle-like foliage and distinctive bark texture, this tree offers a captivating visual contrast against other plants, providing year-round interest.
    • Drought Resistance: Flourishing in dry, arid conditions, the Drooping Sheoak is an excellent choice for water-wise landscapes, requiring minimal maintenance while exuding maximum beauty.
    • Wildlife Haven: Allocasuarina Verticillata attracts native birds and insects, serving as a valuable habitat and contributing to the biodiversity of your garden ecosystem.


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