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Apparent Cocky 200 SC Insecticide 1L

Apparent Cocky 200 SC Insecticide 1L

Cocky 200 SC Pesticide - 1L

When it comes to safeguarding your cotton, fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, and more from a diverse range of insect pests, trust Cocky 200 SC Pesticide to deliver unparalleled protection. With its targeted efficacy against various troublesome pests, this versatile solution is your go-to choice for maintaining healthy crops and ornamental plants.

Key Features:

Broad-Spectrum Control: Cocky 200 SC Pesticide is a versatile insecticide designed to combat a wide array of insect pests that plague cotton, fruit, vegetables, ornamental plants, and more. It simplifies pest management by offering one reliable solution for multiple crops and pests.

Crop Compatibility: This pesticide is suitable for use on a range of crops, including cotton, stone fruit, cucurbits, capsicum, eggplant, potato, tomato, brassicas, sweet potato, cucumber, roses, ornamental plants, turf, Duboisia, Pananus trees, apples, elm, seedling eucalyptus, azaleas, and roses. It is a flexible choice for diverse horticultural applications.

Effective Pest Control: Cocky 200 SC Pesticide's efficacy extends to a multitude of insect pests, including aphids, mirids, brown flea beetles, green peach aphids, black peach aphids, grey cabbage aphids, melon thrips, silverleaf whitefly, and more. It provides targeted and reliable pest control for a healthier crop or ornamental garden.

Larvae Control: In addition to controlling adult pests, Cocky 200 SC Pesticide is effective against larvae, making it a valuable tool in preventing the next generation of insects from causing damage to your plants.


Cocky 200 SC Pesticide can be used to protect a wide range of crops and ornamental plants, including but not limited to:

Cotton: Control aphids, mirids, and brown flea beetles.
Stone Fruit: Combat green peach aphids and black peach aphids.
Cucurbits, Capsicum, Eggplant, Potato, Tomato: Target green peach aphids.
Brassicas: Tackle grey cabbage aphids and turnip aphids.
Sweet Potato, Cucumber: Manage silverleaf whitefly, including type B.
Eggplant: Control melon thrips.
Roses: Eliminate aphids.
Ornamental Plants: Protect against a wide range of pests, including aphids, lace bugs, citrus mealy bugs, thrips, weevils, and more.
Turf: Prevent first instar larvae of various beetle species from causing damage.
Duboisia: Combat green peach aphids.
Pananus Trees: Control flatids (Jamella australiae).
Apples: Target woolly aphids.
Elm: Manage elm leaf beetles.
Seedling Eucalyptus: Combat chrysalid beetle larvae and psyllids.
Azaleas in Pots: Control azalea lace bugs.
Ornamentals in Pots: Eliminate scarab beetle larvae.

Experience the Difference:

Cocky 200 SC Pesticide is your trusted partner in achieving pest-free, thriving crops and ornamental gardens. With its broad-spectrum control and crop compatibility, it simplifies your pest management strategy, ensuring healthier and more bountiful yields. Protect your investments and enjoy peace of mind with Cocky 200 SC Pesticide.

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