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Apparent Glysophate 5L

Apparent Glysophate 5L

Apparent Glyphosate 450 Herbicide;

  • is a water-soluble, non-residual glyphosate herbicide for non-selective control of many annual and perennial weeds in various situations.
  • is effective against almost all weed species and rapidly breaks down to natural products in the environment. It has very low toxicity to humans and animals.
  • is used for general weed control in Domestic areas (Home Gardens), Commercial, Industrial and Public Service areas, Agricultural buildings and other farm situations. For specific weeds, brush and woody weeds or unwanted trees, refer to the appropriate Weeds Controlled table listed in the directions for use
  • provides a non-residual, full knock-down impact to virtually all weed species and breaks down to natural products in the environment. It can be tank-mixed with a range of other products and is compatible with certain residual herbicides for extended control of annual weeds.
  • belongs to a group of herbicides called glycines.  Glyphosate Herbicide acts on the enzyme pathway and works by inhibiting the production of three essential amino acids that are unique to plant life.

Apparent Glyphosate 450 Herbicide is absorbed by plant foliage and green stems. It is inactivated in the soil and does not provide residual weed control.  Apparent Glyphosate 450 Herbicide moves through the plant from the point of contact to and into the root system. Initial visible effects on annual weeds take 3-7 days but may not be noticeable for 2 to 3 weeks under cool cloudy conditions or on some perennial weeds.

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