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Callistemon Kings Park Special 250mm pot
  • Callistemon Kings Park Special 250mm pot

    Callistemon citrinus 'Kings Park Special'


    Size - These trees are planted in a 250mm pot approx 1200mm tall - nice and bushy


    This resilient native shrub or small tree boasts an impressive array of features, but none so captivating as its stunning vibrant red flowers 🌺. These blossoms, reminiscent of crimson spikes, grace the landscape with their beauty throughout spring and summer, adding a burst of color to any setting.


    What sets this tree apart is its remarkable hardiness and adaptability. Thriving in a variety of locations and soil types, it stands as a testament to nature's resilience. Whether in lush or arid environments, it flourishes with little to no maintenance required, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike. 🌱


    But its allure doesn't end with its flowers. The slender, green foliage creates an elegant backdrop, forming a neat and rounded appearance that enhances its visual appeal 🍃.


    As for growing conditions, this tree is truly versatile. It can tolerate a wide range of soils and moisture levels, demonstrating its ability to thrive in diverse environments. From dry spells to frosty winters, it remains steadfast, undeterred by harsh conditions. ☀️❄️


    Growing to a mature height of 4 meters and spreading 2 meters wide, it commands attention without overwhelming its surroundings. In every aspect, this native beauty stands as a testament to nature's splendor and resilience. 🌳

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