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Castlewellan Gold Conifer 400mm pot
  • Castlewellan Gold Conifer 400mm pot

    🌟Castlewellan Gold Conifer - Cupressocyparis leylandii 🌿

    Planted in a 400mm pot approx 2m tall


    ✨ Perfect for hedging, this vibrant evergreen boasts stunning golden-yellow foliage that adds a touch of elegance to any landscape.


    🏡 Whether you're looking to enhance privacy, create inviting avenues, or establish windbreaks, Castlewellan Gold Conifer is the answer. Its fast-growing nature makes it ideal for quickly achieving lush, dense hedges, even in challenging conditions like wind and dry spells.


    🌞 Thriving in full sun, this resilient plant can reach heights of up to 10 meters in just 5 years in rural settings, while remaining easily maintainable at a height of 3 meters for urban blocks. Plant them 1.5 meters apart for a luxuriously dense hedge that provides both beauty and functionality.


    💪 Tough and hardy, Castlewellan Gold Conifer can withstand prolonged dry periods and extreme cold once established, ensuring long-lasting beauty with minimal effort. With regular trimming, you can easily control its growth and maintain the perfect shape, creating a neat and tidy hedge that impresses all year round.


    #CastlewellanGold #Conifer #HedgeGoals 🌳✨

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