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Flowering Plum 'Elvins' 400mm pot
  • Flowering Plum 'Elvins' 400mm pot

    🌸🌿 Introducing the breathtaking Prunus, Flowering Plum 'Elvins'! 🌸🌿

    🌸 Picture this: delicate white blossoms gracefully transitioning to a blush of coral pink, adorning slender branches in your garden from mid-spring onwards. 🌸

    Planted in a 400mm pot approx 2.2m tall 1.2m wide - very bushy 💪

    🌿 Perfectly suited for both small gardens and spacious parks, this compact beauty stands tall at 3m, with a lush spread of 3m. 🌿

    🌸 With its moderate growth rate and adaptable nature, it's a must-have for any landscape seeking a touch of elegance. 🌸

    🌿 Embrace the allure of nature with 'Elvins' - where every season brings forth a spectacle of beauty! 🌿

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