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Weeping Cherry Rosea PINK 1800mm tall 400mm pot
  • Weeping Cherry Rosea PINK 1800mm tall 400mm pot

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    Pink Weeping Cherry - “Pendula Rosea”

    Size - These trees are planted in a 400mm / 27 litre pot and are 1800mm high


    Please note - as of 24-1-2024 - due to unseasonable weather, some of our trees have some slight wind burn on their leaves. This is cosmetic only and will not affect their growth. The price of these trees reflects this imperfection.


    Features of this tree -

    > Rosy Pink Weeping Cherry trees have soft pink single flowers, that provide both floral and foliage beauty. Opening from deep rosy-pink buds, small clear flowers appear late winter to early spring before the green leaves emerge.

    > This tree does not grow in height once planted, so plant the height you want in your garden, then they will mature by growing a thicker trunk and a fuller weeping head.

    > This is a spectacular and elegant tree, which will look amazing in your garden.


    Growing Conditions –

    > Likes full sun

    > Adaptable to a wide range of conditions including heat, but likes moist fertile, well drained soils

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