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Correa Dusky Pink Bells - 140mm pot
  • Correa Dusky Pink Bells - 140mm pot

    Correa Dusky Pink Bells

    Planted in a 140mm pot 


    This Australian native shrub is beloved for its dainty pink flowers and evergreen foliage, bringing a touch of elegance and color to any outdoor space. 🌿✨

    🌟 Key Features:

    • Graceful Pink Flowers: Admire the beauty of Correa "Pink Bells" as it blooms with delicate bell-shaped flowers in shades of soft pink, attracting bees and butterflies with its sweet nectar.
    • Year-Round Appeal: Enjoy the lush green foliage of this shrub throughout the seasons, providing a vibrant backdrop to the charming blooms and adding interest to your garden even in the cooler months.
    • Versatile Landscaping: Whether planted as a standalone specimen, used in mixed borders, or featured in a coastal garden, Correa "Pink Bells" adds beauty and grace to any setting.
    • Low Maintenance: With its tolerance to various soil types and minimal pruning requirements
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