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Crepe Myrtle - Tascarora 400mm pot
  • Crepe Myrtle - Tascarora 400mm pot

    Crepe Myrtle - Tascarora “Lagerstroemia"


    Size - These trees are planted in a 400mm pot ll


    Features of this tree -

    > ‘Tascarora” Is a superb deciduous, multi – stemmed small tree. Foliage is dark green, becoming red orange to dark red in Autumn . Smooth grey bark that with age flakes to show puce underbark in mottled effect.

    > Masses of coral red coloured flowers are formed on long tapered panicles during Summer through to Autumn.

    > Remember that crepe myrtles can be grown as a standard, a miniature, a low-growing spreading plant, a small shrub, a small tree and even a large tree.

    > Ideal for either a small garden setup or even a larger forest-like vista,

    > Deciduous

    > A mildrew resistant hybrid forming an upright, v shaped tree.


    Growing Conditions –

    > All crepe myrtles grow well in Australia. They especially like a hot and dry climates

    > Once established, crepe myrtles are remarkably drought-tolerant.

    > Grows 6m high and 4m wide

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