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Flowering Cherry 'Campanulata' 300mm pot
  • Flowering Cherry 'Campanulata' 300mm pot

    Flowering Cherry 'Campanulata'


    Prunus campanulata

    Planted in a 300mm pot


    Please note - as of 24-1-2024 - due to unseasonable weather, some of our trees have some slight wind burn on their leaves. This is cosmetic only and will not affect their growth. The price of these trees reflects this imperfection.



    Formosan Cherry (Prunus campanulata) is a deciduous tree from Taiwan with upright growth to 4-7 m tall and not very wide. It has prolific magenta blossoms that are small and bell-shaped, in clusters, and flowers very early in the season. It has dark green leaves, with red autumn tones. Also known as Taiwan Cherry, Taiwanese Cherry, and Fomosan Cherry.

    • Uses: ornamental tree, shade tree, specimen tree

    • Size: 4-7 metres high depending on conditions

    • Flowering: early

    • Features: clusters of small magenta blossoms, red autumn foliage

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      AU$45.00Sale Price
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