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Grow Better Natural Natives Fertiliser - 2.5kg

Grow Better Natural Natives Fertiliser - 2.5kg


  • Specific low phosphorus formulation to suit all native plants including banksias
  • Suitable also for South African plants including proteas, leucospermums and leucadendrons
  • Contains natural growth stimulants to improve and enhance growth and flowering
  • Includes a wetting agent to assist moisture penetration and retention
  • Easy to store and carry bucket that includes handy scoop
  • A mix of slow release fertiliser and blood and bone
  • NPK 14:1.25:6.3


Before planting – when planting new natives, prepare the soil by mixing 100g per sq. metre of Grow Better Natural Natives with the existing soil 1-2 weeks before you plant. Water in your new plants with Grow Better Plant Starter to help encourage new feeder roots for a healthier start to life.

Apply directly to the area covered by the foliage canopy keeping 15cm from the trunk at the rate of 70gms per sq. metre for small plants (and garden beds).

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