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Crab Apple ‘Ivory Spear’ 400mm pot
  • Crab Apple ‘Ivory Spear’ 400mm pot

    MALUS / Crab Apple ‘Ivory Spear’

    Planted in a 400mm approx 1.5m tall


    Ivory Spear Crabapple (Malus ‘JFS-KW214MX’): A very upright ornamental crabapple; Deep white and red buds open to bright white flowers on this tightly columnar crabapple. Clean and disease-free summer foliage holds its dark green color; bronzing on the older leaves in late summer and early fall, when orange tints appear. Red fruits ripen to bright red and persist into late autumn or early winter. Persistent fruit does not drop during the summer / fall, nor make a mess.


    Mature Size 2.5m wide 6m tall

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