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Crab Apple 'Royal Raindrops' 400mm pot
  • Crab Apple 'Royal Raindrops' 400mm pot

    Malus  'JFS-KW5' Royal Raindrops™


    This tree is planted in a 400mm pot and is approx 2.8m tall


    The strong branch structure, great form and excellent seasonal qualities of this unusual crab apple coupled with its disease resistance make it a truly wonderful selection for any garden. Valued for its finely textured deep purple foliage and tiny showy red crab apples. All this combined result in a true winner.


    • Growth Rate Moderate

    • Foliage Deep purple cutleaf foliage are deeply divided into three main lobes. The leaves can maintain their rich colour through the heat of summer. Autumn colour is a medley of bronzy-red and orange tones.

    • Bark Greyish-brown, becoming scaly with age.

    • Climate Best in full sun 

    • Ornamental Fruit Tiny red sparkling crab apples appear from late summer through autumn and provide interest.

    • Tree Habit Upright, Spreading

    • Flowers Produces masses of bright magenta-pink blooms during spring.

    • Pruning Strong branch angles and upright growth habit minimise the need for pruning & shaping to develop a balanced canopy.

    • Height (m)6

    • Width (m) 5

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