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Olive Bambalina 400mm pot
  • Olive Bambalina 400mm pot

    🌿✨ Transform your garden into a Mediterranean paradise with the charming Olea Europaea 'Bambalina'! 🌿✨


    Planted in a 400mm pot - approx 2m tall


    This Compact /dwarf Olive Tree is perfect for any garden or landscape. This delightful ornamental tree combines all the beauty and character of its full-sized relatives in a more modest package. With its lush, gray-green foliage and silver-gray bark, it brings elegance and Mediterranean charm to any setting. 🌳💚

    Key Features:

    • Common Name: Compact Olive Tree - Olea Europaea 'Bambalina'
    • Mature Size: 2-3 meters in height and width
    • Spacing: Plant 2-3 meters apart for optimal growth
    • Foliage: Small, gray-green leaves
    • Flowering Period: Inconspicuous, fragrant white flowers in spring
    • Form/Habit: Compact and bushy
    • Uses: Ideal for small gardens, patios, or containers
    • Type: Evergreen
    • Tolerances: Drought conditions, well-drained soil, various soil types (including sandy and loamy)
    • Sun Exposure: Thrives in full sun
    • Maintenance: Minimal, with occasional pruning
    • Water Requirement: Regular watering initially; more drought-tolerant with age

    Elevate your outdoor space with the effortless beauty and low-maintenance charm of the Olea Europaea 'Bambalina'! 🌞🌿 #GardenGoals #MediterraneanVibes #CompactOliveTree #GardenDesign #EvergreenElegance

    🌱✨ #Gardening #LandscapeDesign #OutdoorLiving #PlantLovers #GreenThumb

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