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Ornamental Pear - 'Winter Glow' 200mm pot
  • Ornamental Pear - 'Winter Glow' 200mm pot

    Pyrus calleryana Winter Glow / ‘Everscreen Ornamental Pear’

    Approximately 1.2m - 1.5m tall in a 200mm pot


    The only evergreen ornamental pear currently on the market, making it a highly sought after specimen tree. ( may loose some leaves in cooler climates )


    Features of this tree -

    A beautiful “Semi Deciduous” ornamental pear that has become a popular screening plant as it retains its foliage for most of winter. It is sometimes marketed as an evergreen pear, but more technically it is semi deciduous and retains its leaves only in temperate climates


    Summer - Dense green glossy leaves makes for a perfect hedge or screening tree due to its upright pyramidal shape, dense foliage which when combined with its year round foliage makes it a great ornamental pear to select as a tall fast growing screen


    Autumn - It is spectacular in autumn when foliage gradually changes to bronze-scarlet red, followed by white blossoms.


    Grows to 6m tall and 4m wide - regular pruning recommended to make tree bushy.


    Growing Conditions -

    Likes full sun and will tolerate part shade

    It is adaptable to a wide range of site conditions including quite dry conditions, slightly alkaline soils and air pollution, but is also able to handle intermittently wet, heavy soils


    Planting Ideas -

    • Excellent specimen tree, providing year round colour and interest
    • Great for screening off neighbours or creating specific areas in your garden for most of the year. If planting as a screen - we recommend planting 1300mm apart
    • Perfect for narrow sites where width is limited and a tall slender tree is required
    • Look incredible planted along driveways or paths


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      Pickup by appointment from our nursery

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