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Osmocote Pro Controlled Release 12 – 14 months - 25kg

Osmocote Pro Controlled Release 12 – 14 months - 25kg

High analysis controlled release fertiliser (Osmocote Pro 12 - 14 month) containing a complete range of essential nutrients. Suitable for most plants in pots including shrubs, flowers, ornamentals and trees.

The Osmocote® Pro - Controlled Release Fertiliser Range, consists of a selection of professional grade fertilisers that contain industry leading concentrations of macronutrients (NPK), magnesium and a full suite of micronutrients (trace elements, TE's), all coated in a biodegradable resin with a pre-defined nutrient release profile.

For fast growing plants, particularly in Spring, the 3-4m Osmocote® Pro option is generally advised, whereas during the rest of the year a slower release profile such as the 5-6m or the 8-9m Osmocote® Pro option might be more suitable. For particularly slow growing plants, such as most succulents, orchids, bonsai and particular exotics, the super long lasting 12-14m Osmocote® Pro is likely the best option. Please keep in mind, on a kilo-for-kilo basis, each of the Osmocote® Pro fertilisers contain a very similar nutritional composition, it is the nutrient release profile (duration) that varies.

Unfortunately, many of the cheaper supermarket or even hardware store versions of slow-release fertilisers contain a generally less desirable NPK & TE ratio, in order to reduce product costs and focus on more immediate quick greening (mainly nitrogen) as opposed to sustained and longer term plant performance. The Osmocote® Pro - Controlled Release Fertiliser Range provides is a very high analysis fertiliser containing all the essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth and is suitable for most plant types including most lawns, flowers & ornamentals, trees including fruit trees, vegetable gardens as well as bonsai (at lower application rates). Osmocote® Pro is suitable for use in pots, planter bags, raised garden beds and wide range of landscape applications.

The individual fertiliser granules are fully coated with a new generation matrix which provides constant and extended nutrient release (for 12 - 14 months) therefore helping growers avoid surges and leaching of important plant nutrients which belong in your pots or garden soil, not in our precious waterways.

Osmocote® Pro is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia, particularly in the cultivation of perennial plants in pots and planter bags.

What we love about Osmocote® Pro

  • High macronutrient (NPK) analysis
  • High micronutrient (Trace Element, TE) range
  • Sustained nutrient release profile (feeds plants for 12 - 14 months)
  • Nutrient release profile closely matches plant nutrient requirements
  • Nutrients maintained within the potting-mix
  • Suitable for a wide range of plants
  • Great value for money
  • Safe, reliable & easy to use


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