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Photinia Robusta 200mm pot
  • Photinia Robusta 200mm pot

    🌿 Grow the ultimate colourful hedge in your garden using Photinia Robusta 'Photinia x fraseri'! 🌳

    💪Planted in a 200mm pot, these trees are approx 1 meter tall.

    🌺Ideal for evergreen screening, this fast-growing shrub is perfect for formal or informal hedges. Responds well to pruning, showcasing dark glossy green leaves with vibrant red new growth and dainty white flowers in Spring.

    👌Hardy and adaptable, it thrives in full sun or part shade, tolerating various soils and tough conditions. Frost-tolerant, it grows 4m high and 2m wide, requiring minimal water once established. 🍃🌺


    How many trees do i need to plant to form my hedge? This will depend on the height you want your full grown hedge to be -

    1000mm high hedge - plant 350mm apart

    1500mm high hedge - plant 500mm apart

    2000mm high hedge - plant 660mm apart

    2500mm high hedge - plant 850mm apart

    3000mm high hedge - plant 1000mm apart

    If you want your hedge to fill in quicker, then plant trees closer together.

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