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Pittosporum Screen Master - 400mm pot
  • Pittosporum Screen Master - 400mm pot

    Pittosporum Screen Master (Pittosporum tenuifolium)

    These beauties come planted in a 400mm pot and stand approximately - 2m tall and very bushy.


    Here's why you'll love them:

    Evergreen foliage for year-round appeal

    Perfect for creating hedging

    Tolerant of windy conditions

    Thrives in full sun or part shade

    Great for screening and privacy

    Handles frost with ease



    The 'Screenmaster' variety is a robust evergreen shrub with small green leaves contrasted against dark upright stems.


    Unlike many other Pittosporums, the Screenmaster boasts sturdy stems that won't droop with floppy branches.


    Expect these shrubs to reach around five meters in height, but they can be maintained at a neat two meters, making them ideal for creating a flawless fence line hedge.


    They enjoy well-drained, fertile soil and can handle both sunny and partially shaded spots. Prune them in late winter or early spring for optimal growth, and don't forget to feed them once you see new growth. During summer, provide ample moisture and mulch to keep them happy and thriving.

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