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Pomegranate Tree - 200mm pot
  • Pomegranate Tree - 200mm pot

    Pomegranate, ‘Punica granatum’🌿🍑

    🪴 Planted in a pot or the garden, these fruit bearing trees are absolutely gorgeous in flower and make a beautiful hedge.

    🍃 Adorned with small to medium, glossy green leaves that transition to a golden yellow, gracefully falling in autumn.

    🌳 📏 Mature size 3m tall, 3m wide -

    Planted in a large 200mm pot


    ☀ Flourishes under the warmth of full sun.


    🌸 Flowering and Fruiting: Scarlet, orange, and yellow crepe-like flowers bloom in late spring, giving way to round pomegranates with vibrant, shiny red skin. The fruit consists of many juicy red seeds (arils), surrounded by an inedible, soft white pith.


    Elevate your garden with the beauty and knowledge of pomegranate trees! 🏡✨ #Pomegranates #GardenWonder #NatureLovers

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