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Portuguese Laurel 400mm pot
  • Portuguese Laurel 400mm pot

    Portuguese Laurel 'Prunus lusitanica Evergreen Prunus'

    Planted in a 400mm pot 


    • An Evergreen, frost tolerant and drought hardy tree.
    • A favourite choice for screening and hedging because of its luxurious foliage and hardiness, the Portuguese Laurel can work in any landscape.
    • Densely growing to 4m tall by 2m wide, the large dark green foliageof Prunus lusitanica gives a hedge texture and looks less rigid than finer leaf options.
    • New growth flushes lime green for decorative contrast.
    • In Spring, masses of flower spikes cascade down the foliage, sweetly perfumed and loved by pollinators.
    • Hardy in full sun, this evergreen shrub is a great option in any style of landscape.


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