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Quince Tree Smyrna 300mm pot
  • Quince Tree Smyrna 300mm pot

    🌿🍐 Smyrna Quince 'Cydonia oblonga'🌸


    Did you know that these pear-shaped wonders mature beautifully in April, offering a plethora of culinary possibilities? 🌼

    Please note - as of 8/3/2024 - due to unseasonable weather, out quince trees have some slight wind burn on their leaves. This is cosmetic only and will not affect their growth. The price of these trees reflects this imperfection.



    Planted in a 300mm pot these are advanced beautiful trees



    Their smooth light-yellow flesh transforms into a delectable pale pink when cooked, ideal for crafting heavenly quince paste, jellies, and jams. 🍯


    Plus, with their high pectin content, culinary creativity knows no bounds!

    But wait, there's more to love about the Smyrna Quince beyond its fruit. 🌳 With an upright spreading habit and charmingly twisting branches adorned with delicate white blossoms tinged with pale pink, it's an ornamental delight for any garden. 🌿


    And the best part? It's self-fertile, making it a breeze to cultivate.

    Whether you opt for a dwarf tree, perfect for cozy spaces, or a semi-dwarf variety for a touch of grandeur, caring for your Smyrna Quince is a breeze. 🌱


    Just remember to prune in winter to keep it in shape and ensure plenty of new young wood for those abundant spring blossoms and fruits. 🌳


    And don't forget, these beauties prefer well-drained, slightly acidic soil—so pamper them with the love they deserve!


    Ready to elevate your culinary and gardening game? 🍐


    ✨ Embrace the Smyrna Quince and watch your spring dreams blossom! 🌸🌿 #SmyrnaQuince #SpringHarvest #GardenDelights

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