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Sharp Shooter Lime Sulphur 500ml

Sharp Shooter Lime Sulphur 500ml

  • Classed as organic
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for people and the environment
  • Acts as both a preventative and a curative Does not persist in the environment

Controls Diseases: Scale, Leaf Curl, Shot hole freckle, Rust, Black Spot and Powdery Mildew

Controls Pests: Two Spotted Mite, Bryobia Mite and Red Spider Mite

For use on: Fruit Trees (general), Roses (all types), other Ornamentals and berries

When to use: For deciduous plants apply between Autumn leaf fall and opening of leaf buds in Spring, i.e. when foliage is absent. For Roses and Ornamentals winter is the ideal time to spray

Lime Sulphur is both a fungicide and insecticide and is generally used on fruit trees and roses. More effective on apples than copper sprays as it prevents powdery mildew as well as black spot. Forms a protective film of sulphur which prevents entry of fungus into plants & trees.

Graded Low Environmental Impact rating

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