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Silver Birch 400mm pot
  • Silver Birch 400mm pot

    Silver Birch “Betula Pendula”


    Size - These trees are planted in a 400mm / 27 litre pot approx 2.8m tall and very bushy


    Features of this tree -

    A very popular, easy and quick growing tree, with a slender single white trunk that will quickly become an attractive feature of your garden in no time.

    Silver Birch are very attractive throughout the year boasting a soft green lacy foliage creating dappled shade in the summer. Then in autumn the foliage turns gold and in winter you have a brilliant white trunk with red hanging branches.

    Generally planted in groups of un-even numbers – 3 / 5 the trees white trunks will provide a big impact in your garden.

    Grows to up to 15m tall and 4m wide in 20 years

    Planting multiple trees close together limits the trees mature size as they compete with each other


    Growing Conditions –

    Plant 2-3m apart in groups of un-even numbers

    Likes full sun or part shade

    Soil should be ideally rich, composted and sandy. Must be well drained or tree should be planted on a mound, if there is poor drainage.

    Requires plenty of water in the summer months

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