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Standard Portuguese Laurel 300mm pot
  • Standard Portuguese Laurel 300mm pot

    Prunus lusitanica Portuguese Laurel

    Planted in a 300mm pot


    Portuguese Laurel is a hardy evergreen shrub or small tree.


    The dense covering of dark glossy green leaves - lime green when new - provide an ideal backdrop for other plants in the garden.


    This species is particularly showy in spring when in full flower, with small white, beautifully perfumed flowers. After flowering, reddish-green cherry-like fruits appear, turning dark purple/black as they ripen in late summer or early autumn.


    With its compact form, Portuguese Laurel is a fantastic hedging/screening plant that can be kept clipped from one to four metres or left to grow into a small spreading tree. It is also great as a large standard.

    Be mindful that no humans or pets ingest the berries.

    Soil: Moist, well-drained soil. Will thrive in poor, shallow, or chalky soil

    Conditions: Extremely versatile. Tolerates exposed coastal gardens, forceful, salt-laden winds, and intense sunlight to alpine gardens with freezing winters. Copes with cold/frost to -15°c.

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