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Weeping cherry - Falling Snow 500mm pot
  • Weeping cherry - Falling Snow 500mm pot

    🌸✨ It's hard to surpass the beauty of a weeping cherry! ✨🌸


    Weeping cherry - Falling Snow ( white )

    Super advanced 500mm pot approx 2.2m tall


    As with all grafted trees, each weeping cherry grows with its own unique character. What some may see as imperfections, others see as natural beauty. If you're particular about the look of your tree, book a nursery tour to view them in person and select the one you love best.


    Meet the stunning Prunus pendula, a weeping cherry tree that has graced Japanese gardens for centuries. Its slender, flexile branches gracefully sway in the wind, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere. Once matured, these branches become firm and tough, showcasing the tree's resilience.

    Springtime Magic:

    • Blossoms: Covered in white or pink, single or double flowers
    • Bloom Timing: Often blooms before the leaves emerge
    • Flower Clusters: Small but showy, held in clusters of 2-5 flowers

    Perfect as a feature plant for your home garden or as the focal point of a front yard landscape, the weeping cherry tree adds unmatched beauty and charm. 🌿



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