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Weeping Willow 400mm pot
  • Weeping Willow 400mm pot

    🌳Weeping Willow “Salix babylkonica”🤩


    💪Size - These trees are planted in a 400mm / 27 litre pot approx 3m tall


    👨‍🌾Features of this tree -

    > A graceful weeping tree, ideal for lager gardens or parkland, this fascinating tree’s lush, curved form is instantly recognizable and have a unique physical characteristics and practical applications as well as a well-established place in culture, literature, and spirituality throughout the world.

    > Salix babylonica is a species of willow native to dry areas of northern China, but cultivated for millennia elsewhere in Asia, being traded along the Silk Road to southwest Asia and Europe.


    ☀️Growing Conditions

    > Full sun or part shade

    > Frost tolerant 

    > Grows 10m high and 10m wide

    > Weeping willows are suited to a boggy spot and will grow quite fast in most climates.

    > Require adequate water during dry periods.


    🥰Medicine From Willow Trees -

    > Within the bark and the milky sap of willows is a substance called salicylic acid. People from various times and cultures have discovered and harnessed the efficacious properties of the substance to treat headaches and fever.


    Literature -

    > Willows appear as potent symbols in modern and classic literature. Traditional interpretations associate the willow with grief, but modern interpretations sometimes chart new territory for the tree's significance.

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